I'm glad that you've been enjoying your very latest job so far.
I don't know if you finally found your lifework or it's just another summer romance.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing your bright future!

Are you wondering why I'm writing in English?
Never mind, it's nothing but I just feel like to do so.
Maybe I'm a bit tired of writing in Japanese right now.

BTW, I'll turn to 30 next month.

I know the age is just a number, but turning to 30 seems very special to me.
I don't know why and maybe once I turned 30, soon it would be nothing to me.
As you know, that's always the way my life goes.

So... I'm considering on how to celebrate my 30th birthday by myself.
Do you have any idea??

One thing that is really difficult and important in life is to keep enjoying and exciting myself, I think.
I really want to keep myself always creative and exciting whatever I do.
I am and should be the one who entertains me the most in my life!

Oops, I got too excited, sorry.

It's still so hot in Tokyo, as if the summer never ends.
Take care of yourself and your funny friends as always.
See you soon while I'm in my 20's though it will not last so long.